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Nicaragua is a diamond, yet to be polished, in Latin America. Its well-known beaches in the Pacific coast, its antique colonial cities: Granada and Leon, and a Caribbean side that presents the most exuberant snorkeling spots and impressive islands are just some of the characteristics that this land, rich in natural resources, shows to the world.

Nicaragua has revived from the ashes and has become one of the key destinations Americans, Canadians, and Europeans thinking of retiring in a foreign country are choosing.

Nicaragua has become a hot destination for many different factors: great quantity of real estate developmentslow property taxes, a high quality of life, and a low cost of living. It also has developed a comprehensive retiree benefit program which adds to its welcoming citizens, gorgeous lands and general safety.
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Nicaragua was not considered a very popular investment and retirement destination until recently. Now, it is appreciated as one of the most desirable destinations in Latin America where you can leave the stress and the cold weather behind and live in a tropical paradise.

Legal Assistance on Doing Business in Nicaragua

A well-informed investor or retiree with a clear and long term goal must understand the local society and traditions before pursuing any business or personal enterprise in a foreign country. Once you get a complete understanding of the legal and business climate here, you will know for sure that Doing Business in Nicaragua is the best deal for you and your keenness.

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We will introduce you to the general guidelines in commercial investments and will act as your consultant in regards to operational, legal and profitable aspects. We assure you that with today’s great business ratings, and improvement in all sectors, Nicaragua is one of the fastest-growing economies in Latin America so this particularly favors:

Investing in Nicaragua

In most of the countries where Lawyers of Latin America (LLA) operates, there is a Code or Compilation that establishes the rights and obligations that have to be followed by local and foreign companies. To carry businesses in Nicaragua translates into exploring many different compelling investment opportunities in sectors such as:


Before you make any decisions in regards to moving, investing in Nicaragua or starting a new enterprise, we strongly suggest that by means of our legal team and our expertise in the area, you get to understand the particularities of this country’s system, legally, economically, socially and politically. Lawyers of Nicaragua  will instruct you and carefully safeguard your interests and, at the same time, give you access to a level of security that is possible only by alliances with a skillful and qualified legal team such as ours.

By means of our business and legal insight, our clients gain understanding and assistance in the following areas:


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