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Nicaragua is currently the safest country in the American Continent in regards to corporate view and organized crime, according to the Global Competitiveness Index for 2016-2017 by the World Economic Forum. This study revealed that Nicaragua is in a competitive place in the perception of international investors and commercial stability.
Another international organization, the Institute for Economics and Peace in its 2016 Global Peace Index (GPI) ranked the country with one of the most promising and peaceful climates in the region to start a business.

In regards to lifestyle, Nicaragua is the cheapest option in Latin America for an interesting, adventurous and agreeable retirement. It is a safe country with a sustained economic growth. There is a clear legislation and proper administrative measures with reference to business creation.

The country offers various tempting options for future retirees: the Spanish-colonial like cities of Granada and Leon, the Northern Highlands, and, San Juan del Sur, located in the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua. Today, the country has become a popular destination among Europeans, Canadians and North Americans looking to retire abroad mostly because of its wide-ranging retiree benefit program.

All these benefits make it very easy for us to accommodate you in your new commercial or retired life in Nicaragua. Our Nicaragua immigration lawyers have been present in the area bringing its 20+years expertise in all immigration processes requested by our clients. Working with Lawyers of Nicaragua will give you the advantages of hiring a leading-edge residency application service to become a Nicaraguan resident.

Immigration in Nicaragua

General requirements to obtain the Nicaragua residency:

  1. Application form
  2. Copy of used pages of passport and of page where the personal information is
  3. Photograph (passport size): white background, no glasses, no hat or cap
  4. Birth certificate (or naturalization)
  5. Criminal record certificate
  6. Health certificate
  7. Deposit equal to the value of a return ticket to your country or origin (Central American citizens are exempted of this deposit)

investor residency nicaragua visa

Immigrant Resident with Capital or Investor

Main criteria: Foreigners planning to set up a business with their own capital, who will not mean an economic or social burden thanks to their modest but dependable financial situation.

Documents to submit to apply for a Nicaraguan visa:

  • Investment Registration Certificate issued by the MIFIC (Ministerio de Fomento, Industria y Comercio)
  • A certified copy of the constitution act of the company registered in the Mercantile Registry
  • Copy of the commercial registration of the City Hall and the General Revenue Department
nicaragua resident employment visa

Resident with Employment Contract

Main criteria: Main criteria: foreigners who have a professional and specialized training, such as: scientists or technicians, who will be potential hires in public or private local companies. 

Documents to submit to apply for a Nicaraguan residency:

  • Original employment record (position held, monthly salary to be received). Note: this document must be printed or letterhead and sealed by the company.
  • Certified labor contract intention by the Ministry of Labor
  • Original public deed of support letter (signed by the Legal Representative of the company)
  • Applicant’s professional degrees
  • Copy of ID card of the Legal Representative of the company
  • Letter of application for the temporary residency addressed to the General Director of Immigration
  • Certified copy of the Constitution Deed of the hiring company
  • Up-to-date Unique Taxpayer Registry
  • Copy of company’s Municipal Registration
institutional nicaragua visa requirements

Institutional Resident

Main criteria: foreigners trained in the following positions: directive, operational, administrative or managerial who will be transferred to Nicaragua for specific assignments. 

Documents to submit to get a residency in Nicaragua:

  • Copy of constitution act and bylaws of the company registered in the Mercantile Registry (certified by a notary)
  • Copy of valid Commercial Registration from the City Hall and the General Revenue Department
nicaragua Independent Resident visa type

Independent Resident

Main criteria: foreigners looking to get temporary residency in Nicaragua

Documents to submit to apply for becoming a resident in Nicaragua:

  • Statement trader registered in the Mercantile Registry
  • Copy of Commercial Registration from the City Hall
  • Copy of registration from the General Revenue Department
  • Statement of income (notarized)
  • Independent consultants: must present a copy of the certificate of state supplier
retiree nicaragua visa residency lawyers

Retiree Resident

Documents to submit to get citizenship in Nicaragua:

  • Certification of origin of the annual or monthly amount of the pension or retirement benefit received
  • Resolution from the Nicaraguan Tourism Board ratifying the retiree or pensioner status

Please contact our expert immigration attorneys in case of additional questions in regards to the best residency possibilities for you to move to Nicaragua.

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