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Lawyers of Latin America (LLA) has broad international knowledge in company formation processes in Latin America.

Based on the actual needs set by global trade and business conditions, it is crucial to incorporate locally so that your enterprises are secured in the new place where you are beginning to operate or to expand. Our advisory assessment will allow you to get started complying with the local and international legal structure that will serve your goals.
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In order to take part and engage into the internal business activities, we strongly recommend the creation of a limited liability corporation in Nicaragua; which under our advice, should be a flawless process for our clients.

Incorporating in Nicaragua

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The specialized team of attorneys of Lawyers of Nicaragua will walk you through the whole process, in a meticulous and sound way, so that together we can define the adequate legal entity that will cater all of your business requirements.

In Nicaragua, the entity that manages the registration of corporations is the Mercantile Registry; which is a public organism; and these corporations are governed mostly by the Commercial Code that has been effective since 1917.


These are some of the main types of business structures in Nicaragua

  1. General Partnership (Sociedad en Nombre Colectivo)
  2. Ordinary Limited Partnership (Sociedad en Comandita simple)
  3. Joint-stock Company (Sociedad en Comandita por acciones)
  4. Stock company (Sociedad Anónima)
  5. Branch and/or permanent establishment and Joint Venture (Sociedad de hecho): foreign entities may get authorized domicile from the executive branch.

Main characteristics for Nicaragua company formation procedures:

  • Draft of Public Deed of Incorporation
  • Application for registration as a trader
  • Registration of Corporate and Accounting books
  • Recording of Board of Directors minutes appointing the Legal Representative of the Company
  • Registration of the General Power of Administration at the Commerce Registry
  • Registration of the corporation before tax authorities and Municipality

The general requirements to form companies in Nicaragua are:

  • A minimum of 2 two partners
  • Signatures and ID copy of stockholders
  • Partners can be individuals or corporations, nationals or foreigners
  • Citizen ID number for nationals, residency ID or passport number for foreigners
  • Presence in Nicaragua to sign: Articles of Incorporation and its bylaws, or Power of Attorney (valid in Nicaragua)

Other services that we offer in Nicaragua are:

  • Amendments of Articles of Incorporations and Bylaws
  • Amendments in the Social Capital of companies
  • Mergers and Dissolutions of Corporations
  • Direction of Board of Shareholder Meetings
  • Compliance with ALL local regulations including taxes and other obligations
  • Guides in respect to Corporate Governance
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